To allow Home Point to assess your application for rehousing, the following will need to be provided for all members of the household, including children (where applicable).


  1. Proof of Identity.
  2. Evidence of your National Insurance Number.
  3. Proof of income.
  4. Proof of savings.
  5. Proof of Local Connection.
  6. Any additional information to support your housing need.



ALL documents must be clear and relevant to what has been requested, otherwise this will result in a delay in assessing your application whilst further copies are requested.


1. Proof of Identity - all household members

We need to know who you and your household members are and will accept any one of the following:-

  • Birth certificate, for any children.  It would be beneficial to have the full birth certificates rather than a summary.
  • Passports
  • Driving Licence (photographic)
  • National identity card

If you do not have any of the above, the following will be accepted:

  • Immigration papers/visa/permits
  • Benefit book or award letter.

PLEASE NOTE: if you have changed your name you will be required to provide evidence of this e.g. marriage certificate, deed poll.


2. Confirmation of National Insurance Number (NINO) - for all household members 16 years and over

This is unique to everyone and prevents duplicate applications.  We will therefore accept any one of the following:-

  • National Insurance Card
  • P60 or P45 (this does not need to be current)
  • Wage slip
  • Benefit/Pension award letter (providing the NINO is visible on the same page as the name/address)


3. Proof of Income - for all household members 16 years and over.

This is to enable the financial assessment of the household and to check the eligibility criteria is met. Where there are households members 16 years and over that are not working and are not in receipt of any benefits, please confirm this in writing including which household member this relates to. 

For those who are working:-

  • Your last 5 consecutive wage slips - if you are paid weekly or fortnightly.
  • Your last 3 consecutive wage slips - if you are paid monthly or 4 weekly.
  • If you are self-employed, accounts for the last 12 months or the most recent tax return. 

If you have recently started work and are not able to provide wage slips then a copy of your contract of employment confirming the working hours and pay arrangements. 
If you have recently started self-employment, you will be required to provide confirmation of this e.g. notification to the tax office.

For those who are currently claiming benefits / pensions:-

  • State or private pension award letters.
  • Benefit award letters e.g. universal credit, Housing Benefit, ESA, PIP, DLA.
  • Child benefit award letter for those who have children that are to be rehoused with them.
  • Court award letter in respect of any maintenance.

Where award letters are not available e.g. Universal Credit, you will be expected to provide full statements which can be accessed on line or via your online portal.

4. Proof of Savings - for all household members (including children's savings accounts).

This is to enable the financial assessment of the household and to check the eligibility criteria is met.

ALL statements should have the account number, the account holders name, and where possible the address and should show the full transactions i.e. money in/out, this includes transfers to and from any account, and the balance.

  • Bank statements for all accounts for the last 2 months.
  • Building society statements for all accounts for the last 2 months.
  • Statements for any ISA accounts.
  • Premium bonds.
  • Savings Certificates.
  • Share Certificates.


5. Proof of local connection - for the main/joint applicants only

This is to ensure that you meet the criteria to register.

For all applicants seeking rehousing in Herefordshire

Please provide one of the following for your current address:-

  • Council tax bill.
  • Utility bill e.g. water, gas, electric.
  • Tenancy Agreement.
  • Rent book.

If you are not responsible for paying the bills (e.g. you are living with family or friends) please make sure that your bank statements display the address you are currently living at.

Herefordshire looked after child or care leaver - in addition to the above, you will need to provide:

  • Care Leaver referral which will be completed by your social worker

If you are living outside of the County of Herefordshire at the point of application and have

Family living in the county (parents, adult children, adult siblings (i.e. brothers or sisters)

  • Provide a letter from the adult family member, confirming their relationship to you, the length of time (in years) they have lived in the county, what support will/can be provided should a move be successful.
  • Provide a copy of your family member's council tax bill as proof of residency.

PLEASE NOTE: the above should relate to the same family member.

Employed or has an offer of accommodation in the county

  • Copy of your contract of employment or P60 for the previous 12 months.
  • Copy of your offer letter including confirmation of the start date, the agreed hours to be worked each week and the nature of the employment.

Herefordshire looked after child or care leaver

  • Care Leaver referral which will be completed by your social worker.


6. Any additional information - for any household member to which this is relevant

This information is to evidence/support your application and the reasons you are seeking to be rehoused.  It is important that you provide as much up to date information as possible to ensure that your application is processed correctly and the appropriate band awarded.

Examples of additional information that will be accepted include:-

  • Medical supporting documents - these can be obtained from the GP by asking for a summary of your medical conditions and this should be free of charge.  Alternatively, if you have  existing GP or hospital letters confirming the diagnosis these will be accepted providing they are up to date and relevant. Letters should be as up to date as possible (no more than 12 months old).
  • Occupational Therapist (OT) Assessment - for those seeking an adapted property e.g. wheelchair accessible, you will need to provide an OT assessment. 

    The OT report can be obtained by either of the following routes:- 

    • Contact the Herefordshire Council's Advice and Referral Team on 01432 260101 (Option1) and discuss your needs or Email:  If they feel that further assistance can be provided, then they are likely to arrange for a Occupational Therapist Assessment (OT report).  Once you have received the report, provide a copy to Home Point.
    • Contact your GP and discuss your needs.  If they feel that further assistance can be provided, they will make the referral for the OT report.
  • MATB1 - this must be signed and the GP stamp visible and should be provided once you are 25 weeks pregnant, so the unborn child can be taken into account as part of the household.
  • Housing Health and Safety Ratings System (HHSRS) report/letter from Environmental Health Services if the property is in poor condition and the repairs cannot be rectified within a 6 month period. You can contact Environmental Health by calling 01432 261761 or email or complete the on line enquiry form at
  • Financial Statement - if you are experiencing financial difficulties, complete, sign and return the Financial Statement with your application.



You must provide the following if you have received a request to leave your current accommodation under the following circumstances

  1. Asked to leave by family or friends - a letter from the person responsible for that property (i.e. parents, friends, relatives) which has been dated and signed by them and outlining
    • who has been requested to leave,
    • when they are required to leave by,
    • where they have been requested to leave from
  2. Asked to leave by your landlord - if the tenancy started after 30 September 2015 - a valid Notice to Quit
    • copy of the written notice which the landlord will need to use the form "Notice seeking possession of a property let on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (Form 6a).
    • proof that the landlord has protected your deposit in a deposit protection scheme.
    • copy of the leaflet "How to rent: the checklist for renting in England"
    • energy performance certificate
    • gas safety certificate
  3. Asked to leave by your landlord - if the tenancy started prior to 20 September 2015 - a valid Notice to Quit
    • Copy of the written notice, which must give 2 months' notice.
    • If a deposit was paid after 6th April 2007, proof that the landlord has protected your deposit in a deposit protection scheme.
  4. Repossession or Eviction Proceedings
    • Copy of the court paperwork in relation to the possession or eviction proceedings.


If you are a home owner, have a legal interest in a property but live elsewhere or you have sold a property within the last 5 years you will need to provide the following to enable Home Point to complete the financial assessment:-

  1. Home Owner - living in the property
    • Confirmation of the value of your current accommodation (valuation from estate agent).
    • Copy of a current mortgage statement to indicate the outstanding mortgage.
    • Currently monthly repayments.
    • Copy of the Sales Particulars
    • Copy of the confirmation of sale in principle - usually provided by the solicitors or estate agent
  2. Sold a property in the last 5 years/beneficiary of the last will and testament where a property has been sold
    • Copy of the completion of sale to confirm the sum of equity received at the point of sale



To be eligible for the additional waiting time, you will need to provide the following:-

  • Copy of your discharge papers
  • Copy of your service book.